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Friendship, Love, and Truth

Over 50 committees supporting Davis Odd Fellows’ efforts in our Lodge and in the community.

Being Odd

Unique individuals that make Odd Fellowship in Davis, California fun and exciting.


Honoring our past as we look towards the future.

A Community Connection

Signature events throughout the year providing financial support to our community.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

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Odd Fellows Lodge

Davis Lodge #169

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Rebekah Lodge

Rebekah Lodge #253

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Updated: January 14, 2022

Readers’ Choice Awards – Best of Yolo County 2021

Each year, the community votes for the “Best of” in a number of categories. The survey covers businesses in all of Yolo County. What is amazing is the number of Odd Fellows who were selected as the best in their category.

View all the winners in the Davis Enterprise Special Section.

Readers' Choice Best of Yolo County 2021

Best Venue to Hold an Event – The Odd Fellows Lodge Hall

Best Community Event – Davis Farmers Market (Randii MacNear, Manager)

Most Effective Community Volunteer – Lea Rosenberg (2nd Place – Dave Rosenberg)

Best Attorney – Raquel Silva

Best Chiropractor –  Dr. Marian Zingaro

Best Photography Business – Abaton Consulting (Stewart Savage, Owner)


The Classic Film Festival has been postponed. Check back later for updates.

Support the Officer Natalie Corona Odd Fellows Memorial Scholarship Fund

Your donation will help to memorialize her legacy and support students seeking careers in law enforcement.

IOOF News and Information

Enhancing the Odd Fellows through Committees

Enhancing the Odd Fellows through Committees

Dear Dedicated Members for Change, Last week, I published a DMC Newsletter where I highlighted the fact that my own Odd Fellows Lodge in Davis, California, has shown net gains in membership, year-after-year, for the past 18 years. In that article, I talked about the...

Keep writing the Odd Fellows History

Keep writing the Odd Fellows History

What makes Odd Fellowship unique among organizations is that we have a history. In North America, our history goes back 200 years. Some of our Lodges go back well over a century in time. One of the outstanding historians of Odd Fellowship is Past Grand Master Peter...

Why did you join the Odd Fellows?

Why did you join the Odd Fellows?

​In my humble opinion (IMHO), one of the greatest things the Independent Order of Odd Fellows ever did was to limit the reign of the Grand Master, the Noble Grand, and other elective officers, with the exception of the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer (because they...

4 Steps to Advance the Odd Fellows

4 Steps to Advance the Odd Fellows

​Once a member has obtained the third degree (the Degree of Truth) in a Lodge of Odd Fellows, the next step in his/her Odd Fellowship journey would be to join an Encampment and obtain three more degrees - the Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree, and the Royal...

Pay Your Membership

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Dedicated Members for Change


A progressive group of brothers and sisters focused on changing this Order to fit the needs of a changing society. Enjoy a number of thought-provoking articles which dig deep into the issues facing our Lodges and how we can bring new meaning to the principles of Friendship, Love, and Truth.

DMC is a “think tank” of new ideas and suggestions to reinvigorate, recharge, rejuvenate, and reform this Order.  DMC is focused primarily on ways for Lodges to increase their membership.

The Future of Odd Fellowship


A series of essays published by Dave Rosenberg from 2012 to 2014 about a progressive new vision for Odd Fellowship and  to reform, restructure and revitalize Odd Fellowship for the 21st Century.

Odd Fellow Lodges must become three-dimensional Lodges; emphasizing the rich culture and history of our fraternity, making sure we provide enjoyable social activities for our members, and making sure we reach out into our communities to do good works.

Great Moments In Odd Fellowship

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